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Per the previous announcement, the MBL market has adopted the limit order sys. in its initial trading stage. To ensure fairness and transparency, we now disclose the trading data from the MBL market:

1) 2.4 billion MBL were distributed through Startup and the deposit service was enabled before the trading service was available.

2) At press time, 3.2 billion (3240170717.29) MBL (including the Startup distribution and the deposited MBL) were held by users on .

3) In the initial trading stage, we adopted the limit order sys. "Pbuy" was the same as the Startup price 0.0012USDT, and the highest price was 0.002114USDT (at UTC 4:34), which is 1.76 times of the Startup price.

4) After the trading service was enabled at UTC 4:00, the price continued to increase and peaked at UTC 4:34:50 when the bulk selling occurred.

5) The trading data is calculated in four stages. The data calculated includes the total MBL trading volume, total USDT trading volume, average price, number of participants, highest price, lowest price, largest single transaction (in MBL), largest single transaction (in USDT). Please see the table below for more details.

According to the data from the table, when the price increased by 1.76 times in 34 minutes, the bulk selling occurred at UTC 4:34:50. During the first 10 seconds after UTC 4:34:50, 410 million MBL were sold, which was worth 790,000 USDT, the average price was 0.00193, a total of 651 users participated; During the second 10 seconds, 0.98 million MBL were sold, which was worth 147,800 USDT, the average price was 0.001501, with a total of 367 participants.

Bulk transactions were found at every stage. According to the data, the sellers of the bulk transactions did not have any MBL deposits in large amounts. The total deposit amount per user was 2092222.5858MBL, 359600.0000MBL, 0MBL and 980728.4588MBL respectively. All the transactions made were based on assets acquired in previous purchases.

To guarantee transparency and fairness, all original records are stored for possible third-party auditing.

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May 6, 2019
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