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GT Safety and Law Fund Holdings and GT Purchase Records Overview

2019-05-09 03:54:26Read:290976

GT and Gatechain

GT is the base currency of Gatechain's public chain. GateChain is an innovative public chain focused on secure storage and value exchange of Blockchain assets. With an original online hot insurance account, the clearing guarantee creatively solves the threat of the user's digital assets stolen and the loss of the private key, decentralized transactions, cross-chain transfer and other core issues. Gatechain creatively solves two safety issues, including,
1) how to recover stolen digital assets
2) how to find lost private keys.

Gatechain public chain will be launched at the end of 2019.

The GT Safety and Law Fund has experienced hundreds of legal cases and judicial investigations related to Blockchain security in the past few years, involving hundreds of millions of dollars. With extensive experience in technology tracking and judicial processing, understand the importance of the security-legal to the Blockchain industry. will repurchase GT from the open market and gradually establish a 50 million GT-scale security legal fund.
Through legal, judicial, commercial insurance, wallet technology and other means, is committed to building a safe, compliant and healthy Blockchain asset protection platform on a global scale.
For the industry users, and especially the platform users, provide global Blockchain technical tracking and legal assistance when the funds are stolen, defrauded and other events. Solve the worries of users and offer security measures to the user's Blockchain assets.

Sources of Funding of the GT Safety and Law Fund

Currently, the funding of the GT Safety and Law Fund are all from's revenue, with no third-party donation. To maintain the healthy development of the fund, we will gradually increase the holdings of the fund and include other funding sources such as investment returns and others.

Traceable GT Fund Holdings

To ensure transparency, after the launch of Gatechain Mainnet, GT fund will be migrated to Gatechain Mainnet, where all the GTs are traceable and securely protected.
Many users are expecting the information of GT fund holdings to be searchable before the mainnet is launched. We understand the urge, and our tech team is currently addressing this issue by using smart-contracts and reviewing the contract code. We will announce the smart-contract address once this issue is successfully resolved.

The Current GT Safety and Law Fund Holdings has purchased GT from the open market. Currently, 26,000,000 GT were purchased, at an average price of 0.7301USDT/GT. The original transaction data is preserved for possible third-party auditing.
Below are the screenshots of part of the transactions.

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May 8, 2019

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