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Two weeks ago,'s CMO Marie Tatibouet was interviewed while attending the Malta Blockchain Summit. Marie briefly introduced's 6-year operating history and its user-oriented service concept to the public and revealed that the GateChain Mainnet would be launched soon.

Marie also mentioned that as an exchange established in 2013, has constantly devoted great efforts to the development and optimization of the service, especially the core experience of how to make the transaction process smoother for its users. When a user encounters an issue, always puts the interests of the user first and provides rapid assistance. strives to be a platform that users can trust. We continue to have a very loyal userbase too.

She proceeded to state that she is looking forward to the launch of GateChain. After two years of dedicated development, GateChain will launch its mainnet. She clarified that GateChain is different from other public blockchains as it creatively provides both a Standard Account and a Vault Account. Compared to centralized transactions, decentralized transactions give users full ownership and full financial freedom. She also described the application examples of GateChain in the interview, showing how GateChain can solve the key issue of transaction security in the blockchain industry.

Nearing the end, Marie introduced the new live streaming feature launched by, which aims to provide users with direct access to give feedback and receive an immediate response too!

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Interviewer: So Marie you are here representing, and that’s an active crypto exchange since 2013. So how would you describe your crypto journey so far?

Marie: We've been around since 2013, like you said. So we're one of the oldest crypto exchanges in the industry. We’ve always been really focused on bringing a great user experience. So we really focus on having a high algorithm for perfect marching to make sure all the transactions go really smoothly, gaining a lot of cryptocurrency reserves, so we can do all the exchanges that we need to for users. And following that seamless experience, we added on four more active users and traders, a lots of different features, like margin trading and derivatives trading, and investment plans and stuff like that, because we first wanted to get the whole user experience down before adding all the features.

Interviewer: Awesome! When you mentioned user experience there so you have a really loyal active users that use your cryptocurrency exchange. Why do we think this is?

Marie: So like I said, we've been around since 2013, we've been through our fair share of challenges and hacks. We always reimburse the users 100% of the lost funds, and that's made all of the users really loyal where rarity in that sense in the crypto industry. And so that means all the users have been really loyal. And that's led to a lot of great things for us.

Interviewer: And let me get to 2019 from a business perspective. So you had an April 2019 fund raising of 3 billion, which is in us dollars, incredible! So how did you go through this process and also where this will go?

Marie: So we wanted to raise funds for GateChain. GateChain is our new public blockchain. And the way that we decided to raise funds was with issuing GT to our users. We had a hard cap of 64 million, the 3 billion were the $3 billion worth of orders that were applied to be able to purchase all of the GT. So we didn't raise 3 billion, but we had users who were willing to give us up to 3 billion. So we're really chuffed by that. And like I said, that's because our user base is really loyal. They really believe in the vision that we have and they wanted to be part of that with GT.

Interviewer: And that's the fantastic thing that you can never underestimate a strong user experience as well. And if we look at GT, what makes GT different from other crypto currency tokens that are on the market at the moment?

Marie: So GT is the new token that's going to be fueling our new blockchain called GateChain. We're currently in testing mode, but will be launching very soon. And the reason that Gatechain is really different is that we've created the standard account. So like on any blockchain, you can put your funds in a standard wallet account. But we've also created a Valut Account, meaning that the funds on this account are reversible. So if you get your funds from the vault account to another account and set a specific time limit, say maybe four days. If any activity goes on in those four days, then you can revoke that transaction, meaning that if hackers come in or if you lose your password, then you are able to get those funds back. So we're solving a real industry issue. And our team has been working for two years and I'm really excited about when it's going to finally come out at the end of this year.

Interviewer: Fantastic! And now if we look at the fact that you have been in the industry since 2013 so you've really watched the industry evolved. And one trend we are seeing in 2019 is decentralized exchanges. Is that something that you guys would look into as well?

Marie: Absolutely. So GateChain is going to be our new public blockchain. We encourage any projects to build on GateChain when it comes out. But of course, one of the big things that Gatechain is also going to do is going to fuel our new decentralized exchange. So you know in the industry, there's been this big debate about centralized versus decentralized exchanges. In my view, centralized exchanges provide you with all of the different features that a lot of traders like to have. Like I said, margin trading and having access to all of these different coins and stuff like that. But the decentralized exchange gives you full ownership and full financial freedom. So you know a lot of users have said, oh, I don't want my coins on a centralized exchange because they might steal them from me. Any quality centralized exchange doesn't want to do that. They don't want you to keep your funds on the exchange because it actually brings more risks for us. So we're really excited about bringing a decentralized exchange and combining both of them to give you the best of both worlds.

Interviewer: It certainly sounds exciting. Sounds like you've been very busy in the work and all this. When can we expect to see some of these coming to vision?

Marie: So we'll be launching the decentralized exchange and the official blockchain very soon. We're really excited. We have also launched a new feature on our exchange, a live feature. So you're able to see some of us live stream directly from the platform. And you know we often have giveaways and special bits of Information on there. So we encourage you guys to go on the platform and join all the live stream. It's really fun.

Interviewer: Check it out and be a little bit interactive. Thank you so much Marie it's an absolute pleasure talking to you today and best of luck.

Marie: Thank you Jessica and thank you Malta Blockchain Summit. is a trading platform that does not charge listing fee, only launches quality projects, and provides users with a 100% guarantee and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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November 28,2019

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