Coin Price 24h % Bi-Weekly Report, 2020 February Issue#1

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To enhance communication with our users, has started sharing the Bi-Weekly Report. Users can scan through the recent updates and announcements, which are summarized in this report.
If you have any suggestions that can help us improve the report, do let us know!

Key Highlights (February 1, 2020 – February 15, 2020) launched the listing vote and the participants had the chance to win airdrops and a VIP upgrade by participating in the voting. (Details) listing vote #1 OKB vs HBAR. HBAR won and the HBAR trading opened at UTC 12:00, February 14.(Details)
3.Listing Vote #2 — OKB vs Handshake Starts at UTC 04:00, February 17(Details
4.BTC Sale (No.21) GT Buy-back and Burn 466257.3605 GT (Details) launched a 20% discount EOS sale on Startup at UTC 4:00, February 19. (Details) HODL & Earn launched TRX (Issue 2)(Details) and NAS (Issue 2)(Details) PoS & Earn.
7.USDT shortage in lending market; annual interest rates soared to 40%. (Details raised the price accuracy of the BTC perpetual contract trading to provide users with better trading experiences. (Details) launched the first academic thesis of GateChain on arXiv named “Gatechain - RTM: Blockchain That Supports Revocable Transaction Model.” (Details)
10.About the launch of GateChain public chain and GT rules update. (Details) released the Android App (Version 2.6.0) with the voting feature. (Details)
12. recently launched dozens of excellent live streaming programs, including Knowledge of Blockchain, News, Chatting, Project AMA, etc. PCHAIN was invited to a Livestream. has distributed prizes for the 2019 yearly report sharing campaign. (Details) released the results of the Token Administration Regulations. (Details)

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February 16,2020

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