Launches Startup Discount Offer with WINk

Introduction to Startup Discount Offer Startup Discount Offer will be launching WIN as the next project. To thank our users, we will provide more Startup token sales with discounts. will continue to introduce more innovative projects on Startup. Trading service will be...
编辑:      类别: Announcement      阅读: 85578      更新时间: 296days12hours ago supports INK ERC20 & QRC20 Cross-chain swap

According to the official announcement, Ink now supports Cross-chain Protocol. Ink Labs Foundation partnered with to open the cross-chain transfer of QRC 20 INK token →ERC 20 INK token. Bidirectional cross-chain transfer App on Ink website will be launching in the future. To get INK ERC...
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INK trade reopening time

We have distributed all the INK to our users. Check your balance at Deposit INK at: INK trading will be re-opened at November 22, 2017 1:00AM GMT at https:/...
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LINK(ChainLink) is listed on

LINK (ChainLink) is the ERC20 token of SmartContract project. Ethereum ChainLink provides the external data your ethereum smart contracts need to act on the outside world, or connect them with internal systems like traditional payment networks. Deposit LINK at (充值)
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