Launched the XMR And XLM Perpetual Contract Trading

The maximum deposit for every investor is currently limited to 1 BTC although it can be raised according to the market risk and rank of the investor in the future. Aiming to lower possible risks by locking in future prices, perpetual contracts enable investors to make profits by selling digital asse...
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We have token the XMR balance snapshot and distributed XMC after the Monero hardfork at block #1546000. Check your snapshot at Deposit XMR or XMC later at Trade XMR at Apr.6, 2...
编辑:      类别: Announcement      阅读: 380371      更新时间: 854days6hours ago will distribute XMC to XMR (Monero) holders after Hardfork

we are going to take the user's XMR balance snapshot at the time (about Apr. 6 UTC) around the monero network hardfork block #1546000 and distribute monero-classic (XMC) after that. Check your XMC balance after the hardfork distribution at If you want to get...
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Monero(XMR) deposit and withdrawal will be enabled

Monero(XMR) deposit and withdrawal will be enabled in 24 hours. Please beware of the market price change due to the supply change. Deposit XMR later at Withdraw XMR later at Trade XMR at
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