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Long-term Support For Metronome(MET) On

2018-07-05 12:18:30Read:259652

After uation, we have decided to move Metronome(MET) from the limited time trading region to our main trading region for long-term support. At the same time, the USDT markets are added for MET.

Metronome(MET) is a new cryptocurrency designed to bring institutional-class endurance to the cryptocurrency category through: Self-governance - Metronome is designed to function indefinitely without management by a particular group or individual, even its authors. Reliability - The is architected for steady and predictable token supply via descending price auctions. Portability - With the ability to move between blockchains, the cryptocurrency is further protected from management issues and instability.
Official website:
White paper:

The MET trading will be enabled on July 05 2018 10:00 UTC. Initial supply of MET is 10 million, and 8 Million are available for purchase during the initial supply auction. Once the initial supply auction ends, the daily supply lots begin, these mint at the rate which is greater i) 2880 Metronome daily or ii) 2% of the then-outstanding supply annually, ad infinitum.

Distribution details:
Public auction: 80%
Developer: 20%

Supply of first public auction: 8,000,000 MET
Final price of public auction: 1 MET= 0,0027815 ETH (about 1 MET = 1.27 USD)

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July 05, 2018
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