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  • NameSuterusu
  • SymbolSUTER


Suterusu brings an unprecedented level of privacy to all the cryptocurrency in the world. It integrates a state-of-the-art trustless ZK-ConSNARK scheme with almost constant size proofs, efficient proof generation and verification. Based on our novel ZK-ConSNARK scheme, Suterusu also introduces a Suter Virtual Machine (SuterVM) that supports both anonymous payment schemes for smart contract platforms such as Ethereum and anonymous BTC cross-chain transfer module. Various sophisticated privacy-preserving DeFi functionalities such as collateral, Lending, DEX can be built on top of the technical modules provided by the SuterVM. To ensure the decentralization degree and responsiveness of our protocol, we adopt a novel on-chain governance mechanism, i.e., liquid decentralized meritocracy. In a word, Suterusu is an innovative privacy-protection protocol built on solid technology.


  • Release date:
  • Total coins: 10000000000+
  • Supply: +
  • Market Cap: $ 0
  • Algorithm:
  • Block time: sec
  • Block reward:
  • Retarget:
  • Proof:


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