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Zilliqa(ZIL) & RuffChain(RUFF) is listed on

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1, Zilliqa(ZIL) 
ZIL is the ERC20 token of Zilliqa project. Zilliqa is high throughput blockchain platform.

The ZIL trading will be enabled at 22:30pm Jan. 26, 2018 BJT.

Deposit ZIL at

Trade ZIL at

2, RuffChain(RUFF)

RUFF is the ERC20 token of RuffChain project. Ruff is a platform designed to improve commerce by combining the Internet of Things and blockchain technology. 

The RUFF trading will be enabled at 14:00pm Jan. 27, 2018 BJT.

Deposit RUFF at

Trade RUFF at

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Jan.26, 2018

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