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Fans Time hopes that talents and individual potentials will be cherished. Individual IPs can freely develop, continuously evolve and unlimitedly upgrade in a benign eco of self-governance. We hope that declaration of the rights of a talent is valued, thus subculture and mainstream culture, pop culture and traditional culture, mass culture and elite culture all respect each other. In the end, we expect everyone to be cherished and not to be oppressed by technology, capital, power, etc. As the main Token of FansTime eco,FTI provides comprehensive support for FansTime's stereoscopic and diversified ecological construction.
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The FTI trading will be enabled on July 27 2018 8:00 UTC. Deposit and withdraw of FTI are both enabled on now, traders can deposit or withdraw FTI at anytime.

Deposit competition: Deposit FTI to win 1,000,000 FTI
Activity time: 2018/07/26 16:00 UTC-- 2018/07/31 16:00 UTC
During the activity time, the top 100 deposit users on will share 1,000,000 FTI based on their FTI net deposit amount calculated by the formula: Deposit amount - Withdraw amount.(excluding transfers between two accounts)

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July.27, 2018

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