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How to Deposit/Withdraw Grin

2019-02-15 19:22:06Read:44231

For GRIN deposit/withdrawal , we support URL based format.

How to deposit

Go to Wallet on the homepage and then access to Grin Deposit page.

A Grin deposit address will be generated for you and it looks like this :

You may copy it directly. Or scan the QR code to get the address.

This address is the recipient address to receive your Grin. Your transaction will be credited after 30 confirmations.

How to Withdraw Grin

1. Go to Wallet> Grin Withdraw page.

2. Enter the URL based recipient address on the Address field.


Enter the address remark to help you recall where you copied the address. e.g. my XXX exchange address

Enter the amount to withdraw. It should be no less than 0.2 Grin and should not exceed 5000 Grin.

Enter the fund password. It is a different password from your login password.

Enter the 6-digits code from Google Authenticator if you have enabled Two-Factor authentication with google authenticator

3. Click the Submit Request button to submit it.

An anti-tamper window will popup. Double check the recipient address to make sure it is correct address and then click Confirm button to confirm it.

4. Solve the image-puzzle based captcha and you will see a success message.

And your withdrawal is submitted and being processed.

Please note:

If you want to withdraw from Account A to Account B and both accounts are on,withdrawal to the deposit address directly is not supported. You can choose Gatecode method instead. That is fee free.

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