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2019-02-16 13:28:14Read:156525 has airdropped the first batch ONG to ONT holders.
Please check your received ONG at
ONG (Ontology Gas) is the other asset in the dual-assets Ontology network besides ONT. It works as a gas to fuel the network. The ONG is generated gradually with a maximum supply of 1 billion. The portion in circulating will increase gradually and is expected to reach 15.77% in the first year, 28.38% the second year, 37.84% the third year and 47.30% the fourth year. After that, the generating rate will decrease gradually and the circulating supply is expected to reach 88.30% of its total after 14 years.

For every 10,000 ONT holdings, an average of 4.32 ONG is expected to be generated daily in the first year and 3.456ONG daily in the second year and 2.592 daily in the third year. After that, the daily ONG generation will be decreased gradually. will distribute ONG to users who hold ONT on exchange. We take snapshot of your ONT balance everyday and distribute the ONG every two weeks accordingly.
The snapshot is taken at a random time every day to let it more fair. If you want to receive ONG generated automatically, please deposit to GATE.IO.

All the ONG assets generated on will be distributed to our users. At the early stage, we will distribute ONG at the ratio 2 times of the Official ratio. When all the backlog ONG are distributed (it may take 1 month to a few months), we will distribute ONG at the official ratio.
If you borrowed ONT before the snapshot in your margin wallet, you will also need to return the ONG after the airdrop.

The ONG trading will be enabled on UTC 06:00, Feb. 16 2019

Deposit and withdrawal wallets are available now.

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Feb. 15, 2019
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