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Due to the newly found code loopholes, the Ethreum Constantinople ugrade/fork will be put off until the end of this month. This fork will happen at bolck 7,280,000, and the expected date for the launch will be on Februrary 27th. will support the Ethereum coming Constantinople upgrade/fork which is supposed to happen at block #7,080,000 on Feb 27, 2019.

In case it generates a new valued forked chain, we will distribute the assets to all users based on the fork snapshot. If the upgrade produces any valuable hard fork candies, will distribute it for ETH holders immediately.

Please deposit ETH to before Februrary 27, 2019.
Deposit ETH at:

According to the report written by research team, the upgrade/fork will cause an increase in the price following by a drop, and this conclusion generally applies to the situation so far. Ethereum has been widely concerned since its inception and is currently the most widely used common development platform. Ethereum has had several network technical upgrades in the development process. It is now in the first phase of the “Metropolis” in the Ethereum development roadmap, and will soon enter the second phase of “Metropolis” - “Constantinople”. Due to the fluctuation of market caused by the upgade, we will hence conduct a historical fork analysis of Ethereum, to further investigate the impact on market from the Ethereum network techinical upgrade.

Download: Research on Market Fluctuation Caused by Ethereum Hard Fork

Statement:This report is a conclusion drawn by research team through investigation and analysis. It aims to summarize the characteristics of the market price fluctuation of Ethereum‘s historical hard forks, and cannot completely predict the price impact of subsequent hard forks.


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Feb. 18, 2019
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