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2019-03-20 15:24:32Read:119922 has distributed ONG to ONT holders at two times of the official ratio. Traders with less than 10,000 ONT holdings were also able to receive the airdrop. Please check your account at

ONG (Ontology Gas) is one of the dual-tokens offered by Ontology, which can be used as transaction fees etc. ONG is generated by the circulated ONT, with a max supply of 1 billion. The circulation rate of ONG will be 15.77% in the first year; 28.38% in the second year; 37.84% in the third year; 47.30% in the fourth year; and eventually 88.30% in the fourteenth year. In the first year, 4.32 ONG will be generated by 10,000 ONT per day; second year 3.456 ONG; third year 2.592; and with decreasing amount of generation annually. distributes ONG to ONT holders every two weeks based on daily ONT balance snapshot (snapshots are taken at random times to ensure fairness). 100% of ONG generated on will be distributed. The distribution ratio is currently 2 times of the official one. When all the extra ONG on our platform is given out (after about 1 month), we will distribute ONG at the official ratio.

Please note that lenders of ONT loans can also receive the airdrop. After the airdrop, the platform will automatically repay the lenders with ONG, which will result in a negative balance of ONG in the account of the ONT borrowers. Users who would not like to repay in ONG after the airdrop, please repay ONT loans before the snapshot.

Risk Warning: The ONG inflation rate is relatively high in the first few years, please be aware of market risk and be cautious with your investment.

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Mar. 20, 2019
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