Coin Price 24h % Startup Harmony Token Sale Result and ONE Trading Service Announcement

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1 Startup Discount Offer has launched Startup Discount Offer, a platform that aims to present projects with potential that are already listed on other exchanges.

To thank our users and to provide a fast track for project listing, we will offer Startup token sales with a discount on the platform. Through Startup Discount Offers, selected projects will provide detailed information to users so that they can have more opportunities for investments.

Trading services will be enabled once the project fulfills its fundraising goal. Please note that to participate in the Startup Sale, users will need to be a VIP. Participants with GT holdings have a higher purchasing limit. Please refer to the detailed rules as follows before purchasing.

Participate Startup Discount Offer here:

2 Harmony(ONE) Token Sale Result

The Startup Discount Offer Harmony(ONE) token sale result is as follows:

ONE Startup Sale Amount: 46,125,461.2338 ONE
Total value of orders (in USDT): 31,917,342.3420842
Total value of qualified orders (in USDT): 31,881,531.531273678
Number of orders: 4, 924
Number of Qualified orders: 4, 911
Percentage of qualified orders: 99.735987002437 %
Percentage of succeeded purchases: 99.887801401424 %
Number of participants: 4,924
Number of qualified participants: 4, 911

Average qualified order value per user (in USDT): 6,491.8614398847
Average distribution value per user (in GT): 58.622906529431
Average distributed ONE per user: 9,392.27473708

F (distribution ratio with GT) = 0.0078327323534186

Per the previous announcement, all qualified orders will obtain the token on sale equally. To guarantee transparency and fairness, all original records are stored for possible third-party auditing.

Attention: Most unqualified orders occurred due to insufficient balance in the user account. Please ensure there is sufficient balance (exceeding the purchasing value) for the order by UTC 8:00 A.M. The insufficient balance will result in the cancellation of the purchase order.

3 ONE Trading Service

The ONE trading will open at UTC 4:00, August 20th on The withdrawal service will be available afterwards.

Deposit ONE at:

Trade ONE at:

To decrease volatility during the initial trading stage, we will apply the Call Auction Mechanism. The rules are as follows:

1) During the call auction, traders can place orders freely, but the orders will not be active immediately. The real-time reference trading price will be presented and calculated based on the Call-order price from the largest amount of trades created. During this period, the order book and the candlestick chart will also show the information about the related price range and the market movement based on the real-time reference (please note that the presented price is not the real trading price).

2) During UTC 4:00 - 4:15 (15 minutes in total), which is the first stage of call auction, traders are allowed to place orders and cancel orders freely.

3) During UTC 4:15 - 4:30 (15 minutes in total), which is the second stage of call auction, orders can be placed freely by the traders, but orders cancellation are prohibited.

4) When the call auction is finished, users will not be able to place or cancel any orders. From UTC 4:30-4:35 (5 minutes in total), the sys. will collect all the data and match the orders. Buy orders with prices higher than the reference price and sell orders with prices lower than the reference price will be matched and e xecuted (a portion of the orders with a higher routed price may not be matched). The remaining orders will go to the order book of the next trading stage automatically.

5) After the call auction data collection, we will enable trading activities.

6) The call auction is for Web only. Mobile users can initiate regular tradings after the call auction at UTC 4:35.

We sincerely appreciate your continuous support. Stay tuned for more innovative products from! is a trading platform that does not charge listing fee, only launches quality projects, and provides users with a 100% guarantee and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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August 19, 2019

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