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As per the previous compensation schemes, has distributed the compensation for ALY and KAI holders. Please check the details at:

For the details of the compensation schemes, please see has Burned the Cautionary Deposit of ALY & KAI and Introduce Compensation Scheme


1. Users who have not sold the project token or have already sold the token with prices lower than the initial offering price, will receive the compensations in GT.

2. If users withdrew the project token to another account using the deposit code, the compensation will be distributed to the Startup Sale participation accounts.

3. The value of compensation for unsold token was calculated based on the average token price from GMT 8:00, May 7th, 2020 to GMT 8:00, May 10th.

(1 ALY=0.00018961224489796 USDT)
(1 KAI=0.0005770612244898 USDT)
(1 GT=0.44421836734694 USDT)

4. StartupPrice:
(1 ALY=0.001 USDT)
(1 KAI=0.00144 USDT)

Check the Startup Page for ALY and KAI:

5. Compensation Calculation

(1)Compensation for an unsold token (in GT) =(Startup Price – Compensation Price)*amount of unsold token

(2)Compensation for a sold token with lower prices (in GT) =(Startup Price – Average Price)*amount of sold token
The average price for a sold token with lower prices = value of sold token (USDT) ÷ amount of sold token

6. For tokens that had already been sold with prices higher than the initial offering price or losses incurred in secondary market trading are not included in the compensation scheme.

Should you have any further questions regarding the compensation schemes, please submit a ticket at:

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May 12, 2020
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