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DAO Maker (DAO) trading is going to commence on Feb 09, 2021, at 9:00 AM UTC.
According to the token release schedule of private sale, 20% at TGE followed by quarterly vesting of 20% + Toll Bridge. Startup Sale participants will receive 20% of their DAO tokens at TGE.

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Introduction to DAO Maker

DAO Maker creates growth technologies and funding frameworks for startups, while simultaneously reducing risks for investors. A platform comprised of B2B and B2B2C products and services, including complaint fundraising, asset management, pluggable DAO creation, and chain analysis.
DAO Maker’s mission is to make venture opportunities more accessible to retail, not in terms of connectivity but affordability. DAO Maker is structuring venture opportunities through fundraising products that cap risk. This approach has proven both demand and success through the DYCO and SHO models. The company is working on the launch of the Venture Bond to take risk-capped venture opportunities mainstream, alongside licensed fiat support and an expansion to the crowdfunded equity market.

2.Token Information

Token name:DAO
Token symbol:DAO
Max supply :Dynamic Supply: 234M (max refund) to 312M
Initial Circulation Supply: 16,400,000 DAO
Smart Contract 0x0f51bb10119727a7e5ea3538074fb341f56b09ad
Token allocation
Sale:78,000,000 (25%)
Team 62,400,000 (20%)
DAO-Managed Foundation: 31,200,000 (10%)
Eco Growth: 28,080,000 (9%)
Customer Incentives 31,200,000 (10%)
Advisors & Future Team: 15,600,000 (5%)
Merger&Acquisition: 43,680,000 (14%)
Foundation:21,840,000 (7%)

Token Release
Public sale(SHO): Fully unlocked at TGE (Token Generation Event)
Private sale: 20% at TGE followed by quarterly vesting of 20% + Toll Bridge.
Team: 1.5-year lock, followed by 12.5% equal quarterly vesting
Advisors: 1.5-year lock, followed by 12.5% equal quarterly vesting
Foundation: 2-year lock, followed by 14.28% quarterly unlocks
Mergers & Acquisitions: 5% unlock after 5-quarter lock, then 10% after 6 months, followed by 28.3% biannual unlock
Customer Incentives: 3-month lock followed by unlocks only per platform usage
DAO-Managed Foundation: 3% unlock after 12 months, then 4 quarters of 5% release, then 4 quarters of 8% release, and then 5 quarters of 9% release
Eco (Community) Incentives: 7.5% after 12 months, followed by 2.5% per following month

Token use case: Staking,Incentives,Rights

DAO Token has a robust token economy comprised of non-inflationary staking reward, loyalty utility, and monetary utility. It is staked to earn from the reward pool for participating in governance, enjoy cashbacks, earn eco incentives, pay for enterprise solutions, and more.

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February 8, 2021

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