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2018-05-25 19:23:01Read:178765

According to the official announcement, MED have finished alpha version of blockchain core, so MED will issue the same amount of ERC20 tokens as currently issued QRC tokens and distribute ERC20 token as a free airdrop to MED holders at a 1:1 ratio.

The airdrop will be based on a Qtum Blockchain Snapshot based on Block number(163890), 11PM May 31st 2018 Beijing time
MED will perform a swap at the ratio below when the Main Net is launched on, will take airdrop in the official way.

1 MED(QRC) Token = 0.5 MED (Main Net Coin)
1 ERC20 Token = 0.5 MED (Main Net Coin)

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May.25, 2018
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