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2018-06-26 11:58:01Read:251156 will support LRN airdrop for LRC holders. LRC holders must deposit the LRC to before every airdrop date (July 5, 2018/ Sep 5, 2018 / Nov 5, 2018). LRC holders can get LRN airdrops without any additional operation. The following is the basic information of the airdrop:
(1) The LRN airdrop will be conducted 3 times. The proportion of each airdrop is 100 LRC:2 LRN. If the LRC holders participate in the airdrop activity three times in a raw, they will earn 6 LRN per 100 LRC.
(2)Snapshot time: Loopring will randomly take snapshot within 4 days before each airdrop. The first airdrop snapshot is between 1-4 July 2018.
(3)Airdrop detailed information
①. LRN amount:139,507,605 LRN
②. Airdrop amount:The total airdrop amount is 60% of the LRN total amount.
③. Airdrop date:
On July 5, September 5, and November 5, 2018 ( 20% of LRN total amount will be distributed each time. Totally 60% of LRN will be distributed in 3 times.)

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June 26, 2018

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