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BUMO(BU) Will Be Listed And Held Deposit Competition On

2018-07-13 22:03:14Read:227421

BUMO is a next-generation commercial-grade public Blockchain for ubiquitous and trusted value transfer, which is aimed to build a decentralized application eco featured with extensive digital trust, free-flowing value and public-sharing apps.
Official website:

The BU trading will be enabled on July 16 2018 6:00 UTC. Deposit and withdraw of BU are both enabled on now, users can deposit or withdraw BU anytime.

Basic information of BU
1.Token of supply
Total Supply: 1.5 billion
Circulation Supply: 0.35 Billion

2. Distribution Details:
(1)1 Billion Tokens Generated by Genesis:
Early Supporters: 20%
Community Builders: 30%
Business Eco: 20%
Core Team: 10%
Foundation: 20%
(2)0.5 Billion Tokens for Ledger Incentives will be used as block ledger rewards of ledger nodes, and uted automatically by arithmetic.

3. There is no crowd sale for BUMO, and cost price for private sale is 0.35-0.5 CNY (affected by ETH-CNY currency rate)

Risk warning: Liquidity of the initial trading stage is poor and price is volatile, please be aware of the investment risk.

Deposit BU at

Trade BU at

We are going to give away 35,000 BU in the following activities:

1、 BU Airdrop Round
Follow our twitter @gate_io & Medium, retweet BU Deposit Competition post to get the random amount of 5,000 BU airdrop during the period from 14 July to 17 July 2018. Please follow our twitter@gate_io to know more details.

2、Depositing BU to win 30,000 BU
Activity time: 2018/07/13 6:00 UTC-- 2018/07/17 6:00 UTC
During the activity time, the top 100 deposit users on will share 30,000 BU based on their BU net deposit amount calculated by the formula: Deposit amount - Withdraw amount.(excluding transfers between two accounts)

The share ratio of BU :
(1)The first prize:8,000 BU
(2)The second prize:4,000 BU
(3)The third prize:2,000 BU
(4)The remaining 97 traders will share 16,000 BU based on their BU deposit amount.

Thanks for BUMO(BU) team support!

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July 13, 2018

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