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Regarding the TIPS upgrade

2018-10-24 09:27:53Read:148992

After our technical communication, we found that the new FED blockchain has a very low value of daily PoW mining output. It's vulnerable to a 51% attack. Unfortunately, it had not passed our technical uation, hence we will not be listing FED or providing any swaps.
We have decided not to integrate the new FED blockchain wallet, and we won't swap the TIPS to FED for the users. We are not going to list FED. We will keep the TIPS withdrawal open. If anyone wants to withdraw TIPS and swap in other places, please make sure your funds are safe.

We give thanks to all who have contributed to the development of Fedoracoin over the years, especially to the FED team.

With regard to future development, we encourage the community to propose enhancements.We will also offer 10,000 USD value of BTC or USDT to the community teams or persons who find better solutions for the TIPS upgrade, including but not limited to changing the mining method from PoW to PoS and keeping the old blockchain data.

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Oct.24, 2018
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