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Buy QKC on to win 2,000,000 QKC rewards!

1. Activity Time:
UTC 06:00, September 1st - UTC 06:00, September 5th, 2019

2. Activity Rules:
Top 50 buyers of QKC will share 2,000,000 QKC based on their buy volume.
The share ratio of QKC:
(1)The first prize:500,000 QKC
(2)The second prize:300,000 QKC
(3)The third prize:200,000 QKC
(4)The remaining 47 traders will share 1,000,000 QKC based on their QKC buy volume.

(1) During the activity, the top 50 buyers will share 2 million QKC based on their QKC buy volume calculated by the formula: (buy amount - sell amount) x (time factor) (The account balance cannot lower than this value. ). Same account trades are excluded. (time factor) decays linearly from 1.2 to 1.0 during the competition.
(2)To keep the competition fair, the trading volume will be multiplied by(actual commission/VIP 14 commission)to eliminate the differences in commission.
(3)As trading fee may be different because of the referral program, so trading volume will be normalized according to whether there is any recommendation to keep the competition fair. will list QKC/BTC trading pair on September 1st, 2019.
According to QuarkChain's official news, it will upgrade its mainnet on August 31, 2019. We had suspended the ERC20 deposits and withdrawals at 16:00 on August 31, 2019. Services will be available in October 2019, after the mainnet is stabilized.

Trade QKC at

Thanks for QuarkChain team support!
Official website:

QuarkChain will launch the Miners' event at the same time, rewarding miners with 20% extra bonus of their mining earnings.
The event will be held from UTC 16:00, August 31,2019 to 16:00, September 5, 2019.
During the activity, anyone who buys QKC on and stake for 30 days will get 20% extra bonus of mining earnings. Mining can be stopped at any time during the period, and the reward is calculated accumulatively.
Please provide: 1. Purchase record on during the activity time; 2. Record of transfer from to the mining address during the activity time; 3. Staking address to WeChat ID: lcf4567a to receive the reward.
* Notice: QuarkChain mainnet will suspend deposits during the activity, and the withdrawals remains available. Deposits will be available after the activity finishes.

* reserves the final right to interpret this activity.

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Aug. 31, 2019

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