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BTC3L is a 3X-long-bitcoin ETF and BTC3S is a 3X-short-bitcoin ETF, whose spread is approximately three times larger or smaller than that of BTC. The leverage rate is corrected daily to remain leveraged at 3X through the rebalancing of BTC3L & BTC3S; users can easily trade on margin without paying any collateral. ETF products are governed as hedge funds in the Perpetual Contract market, which requires 0.3% daily management fees to cover the costs of the handling fees and market quotations arisen in the contract market (the management fees are directly deducted from the management funds, instead of the trading funds of the users). Except for the management fees, no extra contract funding rate is charged.

ETF products are provided with optimized funds management, which strives to diminish the costs and risks in the margin trading. Please note that the price of these ETF products depends on their spread, irrespective of the price of their underlying token. Users can refer to the net value during the trading with the initial price set as 1USDT. Currently, the launch is still at a testing stage. All users should be aware of possible large fluctuations in price and the high risks they bring, before commencing to trade.

3X Long Bitcoin Trading Product: BTC3L
Trading time: UTC 8:00 February 26, 2020
Trade BTC3L at:
For app users, please enter “Market” for trading and enter “Wallets”- “Spot Account” for deposit.

3X Short Bitcoin Trading Product: BTC3S
Trade BTC3S at:
For app users, please enter “Market” for trading and enter “Wallets”- “Spot Account” for deposit.
Risk warning: please note that prices fluctuate greatly in the cryptocurrency market, which means that 3x-leveraged ETF products bring greater risks. Users should be aware of the market risks and proceed with investments cautiously. is a trading platform that does not charge listing fee, only launches quality projects, and provides users with a 100% guarantee and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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February 26, 2020
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