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AMA Announcement of Quarkchain

2020-10-13 17:45:04Read:12755

For our users to become even better accustomed to new projects we have listed or IEOs we have hosted, we are hosting AMAs on a regular basis.

It’s AMA time. QuarkChain is one of the oldest projects on the block. Supposedly it's a “flexible, scalable, and user-oriented blockchain infrastructure by using blockchain sharding technology.” With a mission to be the most flexible and user-friendly blockchain technology service company in existence, their goals are still the same. Following the recent DeFi hype they have developed ‘Equalizer,’ which is an AMM DEX with equal and self-adjusting governance token distribution. Want to know more about its relationship with QuarkChain? And how you can participate in Equalizer’s distribution ? Then tune in to zone out. Coming at you LIVE today!

13/10/2020, at 14:00 PM UTC


Introduction to Quarkchain

QuarkChain is a secure, permission-less, scalable, and decentralized blockchain. One of the goals of QuarkChain is to utilize sharding technology to deliver over 1 million transactions per second (tps). Essentially, QuarkChain claims to be a peer-to-peer blockchain with a high capacity throughput to help deliver fast and secure decentralized applications.

The team behind QuarkChain created this blockchain to resolve the issue of scalability that all the major blockchains are currently facing. The team feels that because of the urgency of this issue, the Bitcoin community simply cannot afford to wait until they all agree on a solution. Instead, they feel that by offering different solutions, such as the one inherent in QuarkChain, this compels the community to split via a hard fork and find the solution that works best.

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October 13th, 2020
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