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2020-11-27 19:06:42Read:31069

According to the Ethereum Classic blog, “THANOS” Hard Fork upgrade will take place at Block #11,700,000, estimated to occur on Nov.28 or Nov. 29. This upgrade will implement a finality algorithm that provides 51% protection to Ethereum Classic. Read more at; will support this hard fork upgrade. We will temporarily suspend ETC deposits and withdrawals services during the upgrade, but services will be resumed shortly after the upgrade has finished. users do not need to do anything in particular. We expect no sweets (split chain tokens) generated from this hard fork. If there would be any, we will allocate the sweets among ETC holders based on the ETC balance snapshot taken on the hour approximate to ETC upgrade block.

This upgrade will not cause any service interruption for ETC trader and “HODL&Earn“ users.

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November 27, 2020

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