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2021-05-14 22:31:21Read:120623 will claim and distribute the $VRT token to VENUS holders on our platform.
According to $VRT airdrop announcement, the $VRT will be allocated to VENUS ($XVS) holders based on a snapshot taken on Binance Smart Chain at block number 7479562, estimated on May 17th, 4:00 AM UTC. The ratio will be 1,000 VRT to 1 XVS. may close the VENUS deposits and withdrawal services before the snapshot time, and take a snapshot of users’ VENUS balance on the hour approximating to the block height block number 7479562.
The snapshot will include VENUS balances in spot accounts, lending accounts, and margin accounts, but excludes your outstanding VENUS loan amount. If you have any outstanding VENUS loan over the snapshot time, you will have to repay the lender the $VRT for those VENUS loans as well. If you don’t want to deal with the extra $VRT repayment, please repay your loan earlier.

For users, you do not have to do anything in particular, we will credit the $VRT airdrop to your account directly as soon as we have received them. If you wish to get your $VRT credited to your account directly, please deposit VENUS to before the snapshot date.

Deposit VENUS to :

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