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Back To's Announcement on Obtaining and Distributing On-chain Transfer Dividends for PIG

2021-05-20 15:42:26Read:58445

A 5% fee will be charged for each blockchain transfer for PIG, of which 2% will be distributed to all coin-holding users. According to the current wallet statistics, received a total of 350021617005.6 PIG (current value of about $250,000) in 9 days when it went live with Pig Finance (PIG) transactions. will send the full portion of the on-chain dividends to the users of the platform's position through the way of live PoS finance, according to the 14-day average holding (it is necessary to participate in live PoS finance, which does not affect buying, selling, deposit, and withdrawals). After that, will count the total amount of on-chain transfer dividends received every 14 days and then distribute them to PIG position holders by way of current PoS finance. PIG Moneyball Live PoS will be launched soon, and the launch date will be announced in the form of an announcement, so stay tuned!

Access to PoS current wealth management:
Web-users please visit:
Mobile users: Please check the "Market" and click "HOLD & Earn" in the top

Rules for current wealth management (subject to the actual announcement):
1. For current wealth management, you don’t need to lock your position. You only need to sign up
2. Zero handling fee rate.
3. About 10% of annualized coin yield, and will be adjusted according to the network output.
4. Interest is calculated based on the average 14-day position of the account (not counting the borrowed position).
5. Interest is paid every 14 days.
6. After the current period expires, you need to manually join the next period to continue to participate in PoS mining. Team
May 20, 2021

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