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Instructions for Crypto Loan
Updated at:450 days 5 hours ago
Crypto Loan is to pledge one crypto to borrow another.


1. After log in your account, locate “Finance” at top and move your pointer over it, click “Crypto Loan”

2. Left side column displays coins you can borrow, and available orders are shown in the middle

3. Select your desired order and click “borrow” button
4. There is a pop-up window then, where you can: 1) input the borrow amount; 2) select the collateral currency; 3) select the collateral ratio; 4) input the collateral currency amount; 5) select auto-renew

5. You can check your borrow records through “Borrowing History”


1. At “Markets” page, click “All” and navigate to all functions page

2. Click “Crypto Loan” to access borrow page

3. At borrow page, click “USDT” at top left hand corner to select the coin you want to borrow from list

4. Available orders are displayed at lower part once selected a coin; select one to access detailed order data

5. At detailed page, you can: 1) select auto-renew; 2) input borrow amount; 3) select collateral currency; 4) input collateral currency amount; 5) select collateral ratio

6. Once borrowed, click “Repay” at top to view your borrow records

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